eric schleien

I'm Eric Schleien, your podcast host

A value investor, podcaster, biohacker, and a certified Tribal Leader specializing in empowering organizations to sustainably increase the effectiveness of their culture.

eric schleien

The story behind Eric

Eric Schleien is also the founder of 5 organizations including Granite State Capital Management, LLC which is an investment management firm, Wyoming Warehousing & Safe Deposit Company which is a real estate investment company, which helps make a difference at microcap publicly traded companies through cultural activism, and he also runs a media organization which runs two podcasts: The Intelligent Investing Podcast and The Eric Schleien Podcast.

Eric Schleien is also the author of the book “Principles of Power: The Art & Wisdom of Badassery” which is available on both Kindle and paperback on Amazon.

About Eric Schleien

Eric Schleien is a leading authority on ontological coaching and specializes in elevating organizational cultures leading to a natural increase in profits, productivity, and general effectiveness.

Eric has been featured in Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, GuruFocus, and in Warren Buffett’s Biography, “Of Permanent Value”.

eric schleien

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