Episode Description

Episode Description

Eric Schleien, the founder of Transformational Leadership Associates, invites John King, the founder of Tribal Leadership, to share about Unfolding A Noble Cause in his classroom. This is an inside look at one of the Tribal Leadership seminars.

About Eric Schleien

Over the past decade, Eric Schleien has trained thousands of individuals, including board members of public companies and several Fortune 500 CEOs. Eric specializes in organizational culture and has become a leading authority on corporate culture in the investment industry.

Eric Schleien has been investing for 15 years and has been using breakthrough coaching methodologies for over a decade. Eric had the insight to combine proven coaching methodologies with shareholder activism techniques to create an entirely new model for shareholder activism that was more reliable and created greater sustainable results in a short period. On average, Tribal Leadership produces a 3-5x increase in profits of culturally troubled companies within an average of 24 months or less. Eric currently resides in Philadelphia, PA.

About John King

John is in demand as a keynote speaker and is nationally recognized as a senior teacher, coach, and program leader. Clients of John's coaching practice have been featured on all major television networks and in The Wall Street Journal.

John is part of the leadership development team at Sierra Health Foundation and is on faculty at Collier's University, CB Richard Ellis University, and The California Leadership Institute. John is also a frequent guest lecturer in the Marshall School of Business and the School of Public Policy, Planning, and Development at USC.

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Transformational Leadership Associates

This episode is sponsored by Transformational Leadership Associates (TLA) started by Eric Schleien. TLA is an ontological coaching firm that will help transform your culture of your organization within 2 days of training. Over the next 24 months, performance (whether it be profits or fundraising) go up on average of 3-5x. Of course, I am biased since I run the damn thing, but give me a call, and happy to see if I can help you and/or your organization.

Episode Transcript

John: [00:00:27] what occurs to you about that? Knowable. Cause to me means our purpose, my purpose. So what I'm thinking now is to foster an environment to serve my purpose. So what am I doing to create an environment where that purpose can thrive and grow

Eric: exist?

John: Yeah. There's something in the background about that, particularly when it says unfolds the noble cause I'm towards that end of the phrase that is about fulfillment.

On Wednesday we asked the question, what is my highest aim? That is a question that is asking that what is that would fulfill

so fulfilling by the unfolding of the, a noble cause of some sort, what is it that would be. In your life

that would be fulfilling to you as a human [00:01:27] being, as a woman, as a student or a scholar.

Eric: It's so hard to distill that to one thing.

John: Yeah. And you have that's your focus on a certain sense. You know what I mean? You're headed, you're barreling down the road of life.

I don't know that you've got the headlights on,

you know what I'm saying?

Not quite well. If I fulfilled what my life would be over, I wouldn't be fulfilled. It would be satisfied, but it would have been a life of meaning,[00:02:27]

not an easy question.

So many things that would be fulfilling.

Eric: And the first thing that came to mind would

John: be my career, just growing my practice. And then the second. Starting a family to two very different things. Both richly fulfilling. Yeah. In the world of, is it possible to have it all? Is it possible to have it all? Is it possible to now fulfillment?

Like in both areas and even more maybe of course. That's our point of view. That's our stand in the matter is that yes, it is possible to be fulfilled in all of those areas, family.

Ultimately what's a tribe. A tribe is a family. Anyway, it's a family by design [00:03:27] and your career, as it unfolds, if you were unfolding the noble cause of your career, what would that be? Like


Eric: feeling.

John: Yeah. And I think Phil with contribution. Yeah. Being of service.

I can hear it. Yeah. So that's what the. Background questions are about, the, in the inquiries it's too, ticketless into just considering that if you spent, if you actually allowed yourself to inquire for 10 seconds a day, that would be a lot compared to the average person, particularly when you know, you're unfolding something.[00:04:27]

And then it's really the code is that it's about fulfillment. The secret code is that it's about fulfillment.

That's an advantage to know that. So if I asked Carlos, what is fulfillment to him, working with his kids, I'm going to get a completely different answer, but it's still going to be one who contribution. And one of service, if I ask Kevin what would be fulfillment in his world in his career, I'll guarantee you that it's going to be one of contribution and service, because that's what we're designed for.

That's what leadership is designed. Leadership is not designed for the goodies. Leadership is designed for the service and the contribution that you're providing for others, [00:05:27] maybe in the next generation,

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Eric Schleien is a leading authority on ontological coaching and specializes in elevating organizational cultures leading to a natural increase in profits, productivity, and general effectiveness.