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This episode is sponsored by Transformational Leadership Associates (TLA). TLA is an ontological coaching firm that will help transform your culture of your organization within 2 days of training. Over the next 24 months, performance (whether it be profits or fundraising) go up on average of 3-5x. Of course I am biased since I run the damn thing, but give me a call and happy to see if I can help you and/or your organization.


In this episode which I co-host with Vicky Alexander, we spend some time sitting down with the pornstar Bree Olson. This interview is from the Eric Schleien Podcast vault and was recorded at WRUB studios in Buffalo, NY at the University at Buffalo. This was recorded shortly before Bree Olson started dating Charlie Sheen. However, even back then, with my ontological background; I loved taking a deep dive on the human experience. I hope you enjoy this, was a ton of fun to create!

Show Notes

[2:47] How Bree got into the porn industry

[5:17] Misconceptions about how often pornstars have sex

[6:39] Romantic relationships as a pornstar

[8:57] Bree Olson giving sex tips

[15:17] When the parents found out Bree did porn

[17:34] Sexual health & Sexually Transmitted Diseases

[26:08] Bree Olson on how to give a great blowjob

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