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Heather Parillo is the Founder/CEO of IFLY Integrative Leadership. Bringing more than 20 years of experience in the Service, Fitness and Hospitality industries, she is a multifaceted visionary senior executive, integrator, coach, trainer, facilitator, relationship expert and turnaround artist with a solid track record of leading individuals, teams and companies to their stated goals.

She is seasoned at leading transformation through a range of personal and business experiences as well as facilitating at the Middle East Leadership Academy (MELA) and Central Eurasia Leadership Academy (CELA), and Society Of International Fellows Leadership Academy (SIBFLA). Heather is known to lead by example by not only implementing the practices she coaches in her personal life but also in her professional life.

She is a firm believer that a master leads the way for others by living a life of consistent practices, aligned with one's core values and commitments, not by merely sharing theory and principles of how to achieve desired results. One must personally break through to the realms of self actualization and self transcendence to guide others on their own personal and professional journey to fulfillment.

Ms. Parillo held previous positions as Chief Experience Officer of The Live Well Brand, a vacation rental, concierge service and lifestyle brand with headquarters in Florida. Prior to her move to Florida, she was the Chief People Officer for a restaurant group in Texas for nearly a decade. The core of her work is centered around identifying and championing brand values and culture, leadership development, stakeholder relations, streamlining operations, reducing costs and maximizing profits by communicating a consistent vision, producing a high performance culture and developing strong teams and individuals based on trust, communication and meaningful relationships.

Show Notes

01:39 - The Unbeatable Mind Program

02:49 - SEALFIT

10:33 - Morning Rituals

12:36 - Five Mountain Training

15:19 - Dissociating From Pain

18:19 - Dealing With Injuries

19:58 - Navy SEAL Training

21:57 - Accessing Flow

24:07 - Family Life

26:35 - The SEAL Community

27:49 - Mental Toughness

28:11 - The Box Breathing Technique

29:09 - Visualization Practices

30:10 - Tapping Into Your Intuition

32:28 - The Three P's

32:48 - An Empowering Context for Boundary Setting

34:35 - Mentally Unhealthy Boundary Setting

39:42 - Communication Without Responsibility

40:46 - The Misuse of Texting & Email

43:13 - Managing The Psychological Expectations Of Others

47:26 - The Disempowering Cultural Conversation Around Comfort

48:28 - Transcending Temporary Dopamine Hits

49:33 - Safe Spaces

57:54 - Psychologically Sustainable Structures

58:57 - The Bullshit of "I'm glad it works for you."

1:01:29 - Veganism

1:03:35 - Fake Olive Oil

1:06:30 - The Connection We Have With Our Pets

1:10:36 - Integrated Training Facilities

1:11:51 - Incorporating Adventure Into Your Work

1:12:29 - Why Most Life Coaches Are Garbage

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