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Transformational Leadership Associates: An Ontological Consulting Firm

This episode is sponsored by Transformational Leadership Associates (TLA). TLA is an ontological coaching firm that will help transform your culture of your organization within 2 days of training. Over the next 24 months, performance (whether it be profits or fundraising) go up on average of 3-5x. Of course I am biased since I run the damn thing, but give me a call and happy to see if I can help you and/or your organization.


This was a live podcast I recorded and published the same day regarding how when we take on games in the world that other people aren't playing, or outside people's boxes of awareness, we often get the wrong social feedback loops in the short term. Being mindful of what to expect allows us to stay on course. Listen to the show to get a deeper insight into this phenomenon.

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eric schleien

Eric Schleien

Value Investor | Podcaster | Tribal Leader

Eric Schleien is a leading authority on ontological coaching and specializes in elevating organizational cultures leading to a natural increase in profits, productivity, and general effectiveness.