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I sit down with the wonderful and talented Sara Howanski who is the CEO & Founder of White Label Consulting. You can also watch this episode on YouTube.

Show Notes

1:33 - #75hard

3:17 - The trap of personal growth

7:11 - Why most leadership programs suck

11:13 - Management vs Leadership

11:46 - The art of leadership

12:40 - Can you be a good manager without being a good leader?

13:22 - Power vs force

13:28 - "Management is granted by authority, Leadership is granted by permission"

20:10 - Bringing out the best in others

22:00 - Process development

22:37 - "I started off in the career world in hair and makeup."

23:20 - What is business development?

25:39 - Transforming the coaching industry

26:49 - "you have to learn how to create an inquiry."

28:09 - Sara's morning routine

31:24 - Sara's love life

32:41 - The philosophy of self-described 'vanilla people'

34:57 - Crazy vs Psycho Crazy

36:33 - Social feedback loops re: 'emotional expression'

39:28 - Authentically expressing masculine and feminine energy

42:21 - The hot/crazy matrix and why comedians are so important in our PC culture

53:42 - Why giving advice is a horrible way to change disempowering behavior

58:22 - 'mastery is the letting go of techniques and tactics'

1:06:45 - Tony Robbins, Landmark Forum, Discomfort vs The Box Of Awareness

1:20:42 - Nit-picking what you don't like to avoid responsibility

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