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In today’s episode of The Eric Schleien Podcast, I sit down with Scott Forgey, the Principal Consultant of Being Un, as we talk about Ontological Coaching and the mistakes most business coaches make. Scott launched Un in 2006, based in Silicon Valley, with a current team of 8 talented and brilliant individuals working with companies under 300 to impact business, process, and cultural transformations internationally – including executive, management, team coaching, and Agile/Scrum processes.

Be Un offers many great offerings, such as workshops, coaching, and seminars that you can find on their website. One of the incredible Be Un team leaders, Heejin Baik, leads their 2-10 session webinars centered on Shadow Work.  Whereas, Discover your Genius, 10 sessions guided by Scott and the team, is about discovering your own genius, unique process, and documenting your expertise to achieve greater success. In addition, they provide a business accelerator service called the Money: Power of Business and Entrepreneurship, 3 months of intense work, promises, results, and coaching in distinctions from Lean Startup and Scaling Lean Metrics.

He also shares with us in the episode the importance of shadow work, agile coaching, recognizing your reactions, sequence of steps, different strategies for every company, and so on! To find out more about these life-changing offers, watch the episode now and get in contact with Scott Forgey!

About Scott Forgey:

Scott has had the honor of leading transformational programs all over the world, touching over 100,000 people. He is likewise an expert in the application of Agile, Scrum, Kanban, and Lean methodologies as applied to tech and other businesses.

His coaching clients have been award-winning architects and designers, athletes from the NBA, NFL, and Formula One, tech startup geniuses, renowned chefs, Oscar, Tony, and Grammy Award winners, and top executives. Organizations that partner with him to lead internal transformation include LinkedIn, Google, PayPal, Lululemon, as well as thriving startups like Plenty, FaustLevito, SteelCraft, and Orchid.

His commitment to every client is that they have a breakthrough in expressing their passion and expertise in the business world, leaving them with power, freedom, and the job/business and life of their dreams. He helps teams have breakthroughs in working together more effectively and collaboratively, fulfilling their shared horizon.

Outline of the episode:

  • [00:02:29] Helping people perform inside and outside of businesses.
  • [00:04:04] All about shadow work and the processes they do.
  • [00:08:19] Your shadow starts with an excited utterance.
  • [00:10:06] Don’t do everything analytically, look at how the world occurs around you.
  • [00:12:28] The common things that happen in businesses.
  • [00:15:21] Different factors why people choose to not do shadow work.
  • [00:20:29] The four realms of the business model.
  • [00:23:23] Importance of having a process and metal model.
  • [00:26:01] It’s less about having conversations about expertise.
  • [00:29:44] Stimulus-response, impotence, and the sequence of steps.
  • [00:33:34] Shifting the context rather than responding to craziness.
  • [00:35:18] Recognition and awareness of your reactions.
  • [00:38:39] Combination of the processes with the consciousness work
  • [00:40:34] All about the agile world and factors to consider for it to work.
  • [00:44:08] Big or small, every company should have a coaching team.
  • [00:48:02] Three models in the agile world why it fails.
  • [00:50:45] You have to have the right people in the right seats.
  • [00:52:51] Every company is unique and has different strategies.
  • [00:54:31] Having too many KPIs and checklists.
  • [00:56:36] Different terms, but the same ways and meanings.
  • [01:00:03] Their favorite bottles of tequila.
  • [01:03:55] Recent breakthroughs and realization Scott had.


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